Think-tank rooted in tradition.
Think-tank that has a vision.

Administrative Board

The Institute for Christian Democratic politics is a think-tank set up by the KDU-ČSL. The Administrative Board, International Council, Project Council, and director are the institute’s bodies as stated in the memorandum.


Pavel Svoboda

Chairman of the Administrative Board of IKDP

Marian Jurečka

Chairman of KDU-ČSL (Christian-democratic political party in the Czech Republic)

Šárka Jelínková

Chairwoman of KDU-ČSL and Independents Caucus of the Senate of the Czech Republic

Jan Bartošek

Chairman of the Group of Deputies of KDU‑ČSL

Petr Hladík

Vice-Chairman of KDU-ČSL, First Deputy Mayor of the City of Brno

Pavel Hořava

Secretary General of KDU-ČSL

Marek Orko Vácha

Theologian, priest, biologist and educator

International Council

Executive Board

Fay Frydrýnová

Project Manager

Marián Sekerák

Political Scientist