Our vision is
the Czech Republic
being prosperous and its
citizens being satisfied
in the long term

Areas of Our Activity

Within the scope of our activity, we focus on four thematic areas, i.e. green policy, pro-European policy, family policy and Czechia’s restart. These areas are based on interpretations of the Christian-democratic values on which the European civilisation has grown up.


The European Union is the guarantor of stability, security and economic growth in Europe. It is important for us, as the citizens of the country in the middle of Europe, to stay in this alliance and push for its deeper integration.


The last two years have brought us situations for which none of us was prepared. But every crisis is also a new chance to restart. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the common future of the Czech Republic.


Environmental protection is an essentially Christian-democratic topic. It is based on respect for the other human beings and other living organisms on this planet, on a responsible approach to entrusted property and on respect for future generations.


The family is not here for the society and for the state, but the society and the state are here for the family. The dignity of the human being from conception to natural death and the principles of the common good, justice, subsidiarity and solidarity must be defended.

Scope of Our Activity

One of the main activities of IKDP is the organisation of conferences, specialised seminars, business breakfasts and round tables on selected topics, which are attended by professionals as well as the public. The core activity of our Institute is the publication of analyses and expert papers based on the Christian-democratic environment.