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Our vision is to ensure the long-term prosperity of the Czech Republic.

In our view, the key to prosperity is a free, value-educated and creative citizen.

We see the way to prosperity in the advance of democracy and in the active participation of the Czechs, Moravians and Silesians in the life of the European Union.

A part of our vision is a strong, safe and economically competitive Europe.

Europe that in compliance with Integral Ecology strives to protect the environment and supports the global care for the planet Earth, our common home.


Identify and give modern interpretations to the values on which European civilization was built. Inform public discourse by new impulses from the vantage point of Christian-Democratic politics. Provide an important platform for cooperation with centre-right partners and experts. Assist the defence of democratic society against authoritarian tendencies and extremism. Encourage young people’s interest in public affairs and motivate young people to join politics.

We intend to achieve the aim through holding seminars, round tables, discussions and conferences, gathering and analysing data, conducting investigations and studies, cooperating with Czech and foreign specialists and institutions, and last but not least, publishing.