Crimes Commited by the Communist Regime

The sixth Café Brno. Topic: The Crimes under the Communist regime. Guest: Michal Stehlík. Host: Jakub Krainer. Place and Time: Impact Hub, Brno, June 20, 2017.

Historian Michal Stehlík talked about crimes under communist regime. He mentioned current reflection of communist regime in the Czech Republic. Mr. Stehlík finds it insufficient as the Communist Party is still in the Parliament. He then talked about two types of crimes. We can see the first one in 1950s when the regime wanted to frighten off committed by the regime in 1950s had two purposes to frighten the people off to prevent from resistance under threat of execution. The second one was in 1970s when people where pushed to stay away from protesting under the threat of jail, but not execution no more.