Islamic radicalism

The ninth Café Brno. Topic: Islamic radicalism. Guests: Marek Čejka and Assem Atassi. Host: Jan Přikryl. Place and time: Knihovna Jiřího Mahena, Brno, November 30, 2017.

Both guests Marek Cejka, political scientist and lawyer whose professional focus in on the islamist radicals, and Assem Atassi, a member of the Headquarter of the Muslim Community in the Czech Republic, started with their opening presentations. Marek Cejka introduced us to the history of islamist radicalism and its current forms. Mr. Atassi talked about the situation of Muslims in the Czech Republic. They both agreed that the radicalism is usually connected with people who doe not know the Islam that well and also that it concerns not a big proportion of Muslims in the world. Concerning the Muslim community in the Czech Republic, Mr. Atassi said that they are well integrated. Most of 22,000 are not actively declaring their affiliation to the Islam.