Make the World Great Again

On 19th December the Institute for Christian Democratic Politics and Hanns Seidel Foundation organized a debate on globalization.

Tomáš Sedláček and Tomáš Halík discussed the issue of globalisation. Mr. Halík considered it the most important movement of current civilization and he put the beginning of it to the times of Jesus Christ. Mr. Sedláček focused on economical point of view. He said in two or three generations due to globalisation our civilization is to become a civilization type 1, which means it can use the energy of the entire Planet. Therefore, it would be crucial to evolve ethics able to include interests of many different groups.

The guests also discussed the European Union and why many Czechs seem to dislike it so much. According to Mr. Halík the public is used to blame others for own misery and they compare Brussels to the Soviet Union, which he finds extremely dangerous because without responsibility we cannot build democratic and free society. He said that there is a spiritual and cultural aspect of our culture missing, we lack anything that would inspire us. However, he considers Pope Francis to be a chance for a change.

The discussion was hosted by Veronika Sedláčková.

Throughout the entire evening the guests and visitors enjoyed music by the Adams Emily duo.