Uncertain independence of Catalonia

The twelfth Café Brno. Topic: Catalan Independence? Guests: David Utrera, Gustavo Monge, and Antoni Ferrando. Host: Jakub Krainer. Place and Time: Impact Hub, Brno, December 5, 2017.

Current process when Catalonia fights for its independence resembles similar process during the Second Spanish republic in 1934. According to David Utrera, correspondent of Spanish EFE agency, Spanish constitution is something like a bible and it is hard to find a compromise on its reform. He also considers it problematic that the communication between central government and Catalonian government is in fact non-existing. He think that a possible solution could be a federation; however, it could not be just „federation on the paper“ but in practise.

Hispanise Gustavo Monge disagrees with the proposal of a constitutional reform as he considers the constitution to be an essential thing in securing social peace in Spain. He also adds that according to him the constitution works well and there is no need to change it.

Professor and a member of Czech-Catalan club Antoni Ferrando thinks that federation is not a viable solution for Spain as all law proposals from Catalonia are blocked on the central level; therefore, the position of Catalonia is not respected enough in Madrid.

The future of Catalonia is an open question as it is hard to predict the upcoming election outcome because as Mr. Utreta says “we have no guarantee that election results will be respected by the central government in case it will be unfavourable to them. Mr. Ferrando thinks that the election will not bring any change as he expects both sides of the conflict maintain their position.

Mr. Monge says that it is Catalonians themselves who should decide their future, which is something eventually all guests agree on.